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Professor  Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

Dean (Intl Relations), IIT Bombay, India

Fellow, Maharashtra Academy of Science,


Field of specialization: Semiconductor thin films and applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices, Photovoltaic devices, Plasma Processing, Nano- surface engineering.


Areas of Expertise: Thin film science & technology, vacuum technology, materials processing and device engineering, plasma enhanced processing, thin film nano-engineering and Nanotechnology



1.    Ultra-thin barrier layer on low-k intermetal dielectric (IMDs) by Hot wire CVD –

Dusane R.O., Kumbhar A.A. and Singh S.K.

Patent No. 231216


2.    Method of enhancing the reliability of a low-k dielectric layer in the backend processing.Dusane R.O., Kumbhar A.A. and Singh S.K.

Patent  No. 223221


3.    A Novel Dry Method of Surface Modification of SU-8 for Antibody Immobilization using Hotwire induced pyrolytic process.

Patent No. 213504


S. Mukherjee, R.Lal, V.R.Rao, Dusane R.O. Joshi M and Kale N.S

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