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Association with our Lab: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D topic: Plasmonics and Si quantum dot solar cells;

Research Interest:   Thin film solar cells; Light management using nanostructures for next generation solar cells; Photo-electrochemistry;

Brief bio data: B.Sc. & M.Sc. – in Electronic Science, Calcutta University (2005-2010) ;  Ph.D.- Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (2010-2016) ; Visiting research scholar in Department of Material Science, University of Delaware (July-November, 2014)


• A. Mandal, A.  Kole, A.  Dasgupta and  P. Chaudhuri, “Electrical transport in trans-verse direction through multilayered SiC thin films containing regular size silicon quantum dots”, Applied Surface Science, 387 (2016) 1002-1009.

• A. Mandal, A. Kole, S. M Garner and P. Chaudhuri, “Study of the VHF plasma etching of micro/nano patterned PMMA coated on ultra-thin flexible glass substrates”, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 13(10), (2016), 990-996.

• A. Mandal, T. Ghosh, A.Kole, D. Basak and P. Chaudhuri, “Effect of Ag nanoparticles embedded AZO/ZnO multilayers as front TCO on the QE spectra of the a-Si/a-Si double tandem solar cells”, 31st EUPVSEC Proceedings, 210-215.

• A. Mandal and P. Chaudhuri, “Effect of annealing on the optical properties of thin Silver film exhibiting surface plasmon resonance”, AIP Conference Proceedings 1591, (2014) 887.

• A. Mandal and P.Chaudhuri, “Controlling the absorption spectrum within a thin amorphous silicon layer using size de-pendent plasmonic behavior of silver nano particles”, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 5, (2013) 031614.

• A. Mandal and P. Chaudhuri, “Contribution of higher order plasmonic modes on optical absorption enhancement in amorphous silicon thin films”, Optics Communication 300, (2013) 77-84.

• A. Mandal and P. Chaudhuri, “Size and period optimization of front pattered interacting metal nanoparticles for maximizing absorption of solar radiation in amorphous silicon thin films”, Journal of Optics 14, (2012) 065001.


2010       Gold Medal in M.Sc. for securing 1st position in the University of Calcutta.

2011       INSPIRE Fellowship for doctoral studies by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India.

2011       Best Poster Award in the International Conference for Advanced Materials (ICAM), Organized by Dept. of Physics, PSG College of Technology, India.

2014       Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Fellowship for short term research internship in United States jointly funded by DST, Government of India and Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF).

2015       Best Student (Female) in the International Summer School on Photovoltaics and New Concepts for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion (QUANTSOL), Sept. 6-13, Hirschegg, Austria.

2015       Nominated for the President of India medal for General Proficiency by the University of Calcutta.


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