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Our Publications

Controlling the geometrical orientation of hot-wire chemical vapor process grown silicon nanowires
A Soam, N Meshram, N Arya, A Kumbhar, R O Dusane
Thin Solid Films 635, 58-62

Controlling the c-Si/a-Si: H interface in silicon heterojunction solar cells fabricated by HWCVD
M Agarwal, A Pawar, N Wadibhasme, R O Dusane
Solar Energy 144, 417-423

Study of spatial distribution of electrical, optical and structural properties of magnetron sputtered AZO thin films
M Agarwal, R O Dusane
2017 IEEE 44th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), 2330-2333

Formation of Sn nano-template by Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Process on different substrates
A Soam, N Arya, N Meshram, A Kumbhar, R O Dusane
Surfaces and Interfaces 8, 193-198

Role of hydrogen diffusion in temperature-induced transformation of carbon nanostructures deposited on metallic substrates by using a specially designed fused hollow cathode

Bikash Sharma, R Kar, Arup R Pal, R K Shilpa, R O Dusane, D S Patil, S R Suryawanshi, M A More and S Sinha J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50 (2017)155207

Fabrication of silicon nanowires based on-chip micro-supercapacitor
AnkurSoam, Nitin Arya, Aniruddh Singh, Rajiv Dusane
Chemical Physics Letters 678 (2017) 46–50

Performance enhancement of micro-supercapacitor by coating of graphene on silicon nanowires at room temperature

Ankur Soam, PravinKavle, Alka Kumbhar, Rajiv O. Dusane Current Applied Physics 17 (2017) 314-320

Controlling the Size of Interior Core of Silicon Nanowires
A Soam, R O Dusane
Journal of Nano Research 45, 193-198


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